Monday, December 6, 2010

I don't care if you're Italian.

I've always worked for Italian restaurants. And I'm always baffled by the "real" Italians who come in to eat.

You know you're at a chain restaurant where Mexicans are cooking your Italian food, right???

This time it was Franco and his family. He insisted on saying "gratzi" to everything I supplied him with, and therefore insisted I respond with "prego."

"You know, Prego, like the Paul Newman means you're welcome in Italian."

Oh. Cool. I don't care.

He also inspected his wine glass with the most detail I've ever witnessed. Thankfully, I'd made sure it was spotless before bringing it to the table. Throughout the meal, Franco remarked at my wonderful service. When the manager came by to see how everything was, they raved about me. Thanks Franco!

I guess he was still feeling European when he tipped me $10 on $78. 

Bloggianos is definitely authentic Italian food. Nope.


  1. Did he actually say "Prego" like the Paul Newman sauce.

    What a tool.

    And Prego may be the favorite jarred sauce of Americans [polls support this, don't know why except it is sweet as heck] but it sucks - it doesn't taste anything close to what sauce should taste like.

    Sorry about the tip, but at least you got the "verbal". Bah.

  2. HAHA I know, right?? Prego isn't even good. Guests think they're SOOOOO funny ;)


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