Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Benefit of the Doubt

Saturday was soooooooooo slow.

I guess everyone spent all their money shopping on Black Friday, and couldn't afford to eat the rest of the weekend. Ya, that's probably what happened.

My first table was a really nice party of 4. Since they were my only table, I had the chance to really spoil them. I put on the charm, mostly because I was bored out of my mind from spending the previous 90 minutes folding napkins.

As I brought their to-go packages over and showed them how I'd labeled and dated everything for them, one of the guests at the table exclaimed how wonderful my service was. Duh.
Her husband and their adult daughter sorted money and placed it into the check presenter. I asked if they needed change. Nope.

"Ok, well thank you so much for coming in to Bloggiano's! Have a happy holiday season!"

I went back and counted the cash. A $50 bill and two $5 bills. Their bill was $59.95. I bolted back to the table to check for cash left behind. Nothing.

Hmmm... I'm gonna go ahead and give them the benefit of the doubt and hope they accidentally forgot my tip. Ya, that's probably what happened.

Thank you Black Friday and Table 43 
for being 'probably' responsible for the $30 I walked with on Saturday. 

Sunday, November 28, 2010


After another shift of banter, Work Flirt asked me for my phone number.


I just want to flirt...

...at work.

Kid, you poke me one more time...

Don't get me wrong. I love kids.
And actually, I think I'm part of a small percentage of servers who enjoy a cute little child sitting at one of my tables.
Emphasis on the ONE table.

Today it seemed like every direction I looked in my section, there was a set of parents and their two small kids.
What does this mean for me??

Double the amount of work: When there are kids at the table, I always make sure the kids' food comes out first. Hungry kids mean grumpy parents. This is extra work because I have to go back later and add the parents' food separately. Also, I despise the kids cups. I guess they're not so bad, but we keep them on the top shelf, which isn't exactly easy reaching for those of us who are height-challenged.

Annoying Parents: Honestly, it's sometimes hard to decide who's more high maintenance....the kids, or their parents who want you to basically babysit their children for them while they tune out their screaming and down a martini.

Low Per Person Average: Kids meals at Bloggiano's are about $5 and include a free drink and dessert. Awesome.

Super Speed: If you're a parent, you know you have a limited time frame before your kid starts acting out. So I have to be speedy quick and drop the check before the meal is even over.

Specifically today, I had Sophia's 5th birthday, which included 5 of her cousins around the same age and two sets of parents. These kids were crazyyyy! They were under the table, laying across the aisles, throwing food, making a huge mess, and distracting nearby tables. The parents couldn't have cared less. A number of managers came to me asking for better table maintenance. I TRIED to clear things, but it just never got better!  I almost lost it when I was trying to take a neighboring table's order while feeling a sharp poke in the back every two seconds from Sophia.

Little Girl I don't care if it's your birthday, sit down in your chair, eat your pasta and STOP poking me!!!

Ahhh....I feel better now.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Damn Yams

While most of America spent Thanksgiving in a tryptophan coma with family and friends, the employees at Bloggiano's were working. Every year, they provide a special Thanksgiving Family Style Menu for a whopping $35 per person for the people who don't want to cook.

I was scheduled to work the AM shift, and to be honest, I was okay with working because I need the money. On Wednesday morning, my general manager called to ask if I'd be able to work the PM shift instead. Ummmm yes please! As I've mentioned before, the new servers are only working lunch shifts right now, so it meant a lot that she trusted me to work the dinner shift (even though it was the same menu all day). It also meant potentially a lot more money, so I said sorry to the fam and accepted.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous on Thursday before I walked into my 2:30 call time. I knew how I did on this day could mean impressing the managers enough to move up to dinners, but I was also nervous that I wouldn't know any of the PM servers. Right when I walked into the room where we meet, everyone asked, "Are you Lindsay???" But I felt comfortable and was ready to kick some butt....that is, AFTER we ate our own mini turkey day dinner in the middle of the empty mall. At least I got to work off those calories after I ate!
Thanks Bloggiano's for at least providing your employees with some yummy food! 

My "section buddy" and I decided it would be best to pool our tips today in order to provide great service to everyone at our tables. It worked out pretty well, and in general, I had great guests who were happy to celebrate the holiday.

I don't know why it's always the last table that gives the most trouble, but I nearly lost it this time. A party of 6, they were totally indecisive about EVERYTHING. People, it's not that hard. It's basically a multiple choice test...but with food. You can't fail. After an hour of delaying their entrees, the turkey and sides all come out and look great. I go to do my check-back, and they complain about the sweet potatoes. Oh boy. You see, this year Bloggiano's decided to use pale yellow sweet potatoes to make their side, so the color was different than the typical orange sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top. Mind you, they still taste sweet...but THIS table started going nuts over the color. They kept asking me for regular sweet potatoes, not understanding we didn't have those....

"These aren't sweet potatoes. We wanted sweet potatoes."

Well Ma'am, these are yellow sweet potatoes but I assure you they are still 'sweet potatoes.'

"Yes, but we want the sweet potatoes. These aren't sweet potatoes."

Ok, well this is our only option for sweet potatoes. Would you prefer our garlic mashed potatoes instead?

"No we want sweet potatoes."

Yes, and I would love to mash them right in your face!!
Let me see what the chef can do for you...

UGH. Then, I snapped a little bit when it came to the cranberry sauce. Every time I went out there, they asked for more cranberry. And there was always some on the table. Food runners laughed as I'd come in for yet another container. The last time I brought out a bigger bowl, and as soon as I set it down, I was asked for more. I just had to say it....
"Welllllll....HERE is a brand new bowl. And if you need more after that, just let me know." 

I have tons to be thankful for. Aside from my wonderful family and friends, I am extremely thankful for my job in these hard times....even when I want to "accidentally" drop a bowl of cranberry sauce on a guest's lap. :)

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!! 

Oh, and here's some info on sweet potatoes and the color varieties...Educate yourself! 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Rose has big news....and candy.

Let me start out by saying that I have yet to actually "serve" Rose's table, as I'm never in the section where "her table" is. But on this day, her server begged me to go over and talk to her while I tried to also get her to actually make a decision and order food.

As soon as I walked up:

"So did you hear the big news?"
No, Rose...what is it?
"I'm going to be a great grandmother."
Wow, Rose that's very exciting! Congratulations!
"So, I figured...I gotta go to Bloggiano's, even though I was here yesterday."

I mean, it's kinda sad that this is only place she can go to share her news, but at least she has a group she considers "family and friends" here. Although, my family and friends don't tip me in all coins!

Once I finally got her to try something new (mushroom ravioli in alfredo sauce) she decided to go to the candy store upstairs and buy us some candy.

What a strange little old lady.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Homer Phones Home

Remember Homer from my training days?

I've since figured out that he

All of the servers have pretty much resorted to ignoring him when he speaks (most of the time he's talking to himself anyway) and everyone knows you never ask him a question....unless you want to spend the next 10 minutes listening to him talk about it. This time, it was a lecture about extra-terrestrials and how the world would be better without humans. And, I swear the other day I caught him talking to our computers, telling them the order he'd like to put in. It's not voice-activated, Homer!

While folding napkins before my break, he got to talking about being holistic for the last 25 years. The man carries around a huge container or Purell and apparently never takes medicine. He told me he never gets sick because he mentally accepts the illness, and then sends it out to the world.

Please don't send your crazy my way! Thanks!

OH! I almost forgot that when another girl made a joke he liked, he commented, "Girl, I'm gonna have to put you on my 'to do' list." Ewwwwwwww

Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Effing Birthday

Dear Husband on Table 52,

Did you know, the fact that you had a $50 gift card and only paid $30 out of pocket does NOT mean you tip off the $30? Guess what. I did $80 worth of service, including surprising your wife with a piece of chocolate cake with "Happy Birthday" written in chocolate which will probably get you laid tonight.

I hope your wife didn't see you leave $7 when I brought you back $9 in change.


V.I.P Family Style for FREE!

I decided to cash in my free Family Style for 4 last week. As mentioned before, I'd already promised two seats to my friends Ryan and Kyle, and rounded out the group with my friend Jenny who's also been a slave to the restaurant world for years.

We met at the restaurant at 8, thinking it would be late enough on a weeknight to not interrupt their dinner rush. I got a little nervous to bring my friends... At my previous serving job, if I walked in my guests and I were treated like kings and queens, but I'm still a newbie at Bloggiano's. No one on the night shifts know me. One of our assistant managers walked by as I stood by the host stand. He saw me smiling, but had no idea who I was. See! I told you that stupid uniform hides that I can look attractive! Anyway, we were seated to one of the booths and I was excited to see a familiar face come up to serve us, one of the guys who closes with me on most lunch shifts. We got our order in and got ready for the feast with a bottle of Pinot Noir...

Our Family Style Dinner Menu Choices

Two Appetizers: Zucchini Fritte and Stuffed Mushrooms
Two Salads: Chopped Salad and Spinach Salad
Four Entrées: Rigatoni D, Mom's Favorite Lasagna, Chicken Parmesan, and Chicken Saltimbocca
Two Desserts: Apple Crostada and Pumpkin Cheesecake

If you remember correctly, Family Style is normally a flat rate per person, and you make choices from the categories I listed above and it comes out in three courses, with portions made for the amount in your party. It's a LOT of food!

After the first course came out (the apps and salads), I warned my friends not to eat too much too soon....there's a ton of food coming! Normally, Family Style is replenish-able by course, but you have to ask for more of what you want, and you have to eat some of it! You can't just order it, simply to have it boxed up for later. (People always try to cheat the system.) My jaw dropped when Danny, our server, came out with the mushrooms and shrugged, "I figured...why not?" 

When the second course came out, I HAD to get a pic for the blog. It's just too good.

Oh yeah. At 6 o'clock, you'll see the Famous Rigatoni D....the dish that made Ryan and Kyle want to drive over the hill to the Valley.

Thank goodness my friends are good eaters, because we powered through the second course until we felt completely stuffed. (I'm glad I purposely wore my stretchy pants and a top that hid my food baby!) Just when I was ordering the boys to eat more..."I worked hard for this dinner, dammit!!"... Danny walked up with refires of the Rigatoni D and Chicken Parm.

"I figured....hey, why not?!?"

A second bottle of Pinot later, and we were packing up 10 to-go boxes of food to take home and praying we'd be able to eat the dessert. What an intense amount of food...I swear I started to get the food sweats, Jersey Shore-style. But I held strong for my favorite: Apple Crostada! For a party of four, we SHOULD have gotten one of each dessert, but Danny (who I am now realizing wants me to be a fatty) brought us TWO of each! The crostada was just as amazing as I hoped, but I felt like I'd never eat again afterward.

A bill that should have been $206 without tip turned out to be $85 with the free Family Style! Even though it wasn't a totally "free" dinner, it was an amazing experience and I'm so glad I could share it with my friends! Thanks so much you guys!!! Of course, we left Danny a huge tip for hooking us up and making it fun!

I didn't eat for a whole day after. And I'm pretty sure my friends ate Bloggiano's leftovers the rest of the week!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Modern Family

Hey, look! They filmed last week's episode of Modern Family at Bloggiano's! Too bad they shot it at the location at the Grove and not in the Valley...

Love that show!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Noooo I left my cake behind!

My first table was a six-top. It's Lisa's birthday. Her mom is clearly in charge of the celebration.

Right away I knew they were big spenders, since Lisa's mom took it upon herself to tell the whole table about the Today & Tomorrow pasta deal: Buy one of our classic pastas today, and you get to take home another of your choice for free. Did I mention the deal is only $12.95? Argh. 

Six Today & Tomorrow's later with a lot of patience and smiling on my part, Lisa's mom and her guests were LOVING me. I even took special care to separate everyone's boxes by couple without them asking and took extra care of her elderly parents. At the end I was told they had a cake in the back. Oh, what? You mean the big spenders aren't going to BUY dessert?? What a surprise. 

Anyway, I brought it out, and they were thrilled. Lisa's mom even told me she'd save a slice of the chocolate cake for me if I wanted it! Finally someone gets it, @FuckMyTable! (You guys should really check out her blog. It's hilarious.)

As Lisa's mom left, I accidentally walked past as she told the hostess to tell the manager that "Lindsay is a wonderful server and we loved her." Score. I even saw the hostess go over to tell the manager later...

Only two problems with this story:

1) I just realized I left my cake in the mini fridge in the server alley. No way will it still be there tomorrow. Servers are like vultures when it comes to unattended cake.
2) The manager never came to tell me they said that about me. Way to support your staff's awesomeness, Bloggiano's.

Diet Coke

Weird question from my table today:

"I'll have a diet coke."


"But is it carbonated?"

Um. Yes.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rose thinks I'm funny.

You remember Rose, right?

I chatted with her for awhile about wanting to open a restaurant one day. Ideally it would be an all-day breakfast spot serving the kinds of glorious foods I ate in Israel. The Israeli breakfast is far supreme to the Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity, lemme tell ya!

(Photo by Leetal Elmaleh)

I'm not sure what exactly I was saying, but apparently she found me entertaining:

"You're really funny. And you're Jewish. You know what you should do?"

What, Rose?

"Marry a rich man, and use his money to open your restaurant."

I'll work on that. Thanks.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Anything else I can bring you? No, SERIOUSLY. Tell me now.

It was my partner's turn in the rotation to take tables, but when he offered me an extra out of turn, I gladly accepted. I need the money.

He must have known. They were one of THOSE tables.

Right as I walked up, they bombarded me with a million questions before I could even ask if they'd like some bread. Miss Bossy (clearly in charge of the group's plans) asks me about the specials and then says she hates everything I just said. Ok. She also doesn't like any breaded chicken dishes and doesn't understand that scallopine is just a pounded chicken breast. We go with the chicken marsala for her, with the marsala sauce on the side (EW) and VERY light sauce on her angel hair with aglio olio. She also orders a chopped salad for the table, insists on easy dressing (but extra dressing on the side) and nix's the proscuitto without asking anyone if they'd want it on the side. I put some on the side, anyway. She also doesn't understand why you can't substitute chicken for the proscuitto without an extra charge. Ten minutes later, I leave to get their drinks. Thankfully, my partner has maintained my other tables who've practically gotten through their whole meal in the time I've been gone.

With all the little "on the sides" and the extra minced garlic, butter, red chili flakes, and a whole bottle of olive oil, the table was almost too packed for the actual food. 

Look, I know there are annoying bitches picky people out there, but this got ridiculous. Every time I went back to the table I asked if there was anything else I could bring them. One person wants a coffee. I come back. One person wants a tea. Anyone ELSE need something??? Can I switch my coffee to iced coffee? I come back. Can I get whole milk instead of half & half? Seriously! Tell me everything you want....all in one go! I swear it will be much faster. UGH. Now I hate my partner for giving me this table.

I've officially decided I could never be friends with someone who asks for the caramel sauce on the side for our apple crostada. It's a deal-breaker.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Brunch

No, this isn't an entry about Bloggiano's starting a brunch menu. In fact, I already feel grossed out by the people coming in at 11 on the dot to eat fettuccine alfredo. You know, just a light lunch at 11am. Barf.

It's about the only good part about picking up a Sunday lunch shift: Sunday Brunch!

On Sundays, our chefs make a family meal for everyone in the kitchen and serving staff. Instead of having to pay $5 for a bagel at Corner Bakery next door, today we had chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, and the most amazing homefries I've ever eaten! (I'm pretty sure they were fried in bacon grease.) I especially like being the 9:30am shift because we have to take a break from 10:30-11 and it times perfectly with when the food is ready! ;)

Today I was laughing so hard I cried because, as per usual, my busser Mario "my hero" took an obscene amount of food. We're talking 3 pancakes, a full plate of eggs and potatoes, and if that wasn't enough....a full loaf of our sourdough bread. I'm not exaggerating. 
One of the guys on my shift and I started imagining where all that food could possibly go, since Mario is a tiny little Mexican man....We envisioned him stocking up on the meal so later he could feed his 8 children, mama bird to baby bird-style. Even Mario was cracking up and translating the story to the other kitchen staff members.

I think Mario really only has 4 kids.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Work Flirt"

So I've been inspired by the FX show, "The League" to get a new term going: The Work Flirt.
On an episode I was watching, one of the characters (who is a lawyer) tells his friends he uses his "work flirt" to get ahead in the courtroom (she's a judge) while also keeping his ability to flirt in tact, as he is married. Here's a little video clip:
The League's "Work Flirt"

I think it's common knowledge that co-workers in the restaurant world hook up. One of my managers just had his baby shower AT Bloggiano's....Thing is, he's having a baby with a girl who previously worked at the restaurant. Surprise! It's a Girl!!!

I, myself, have learned the hard way that you should NEVER sh*t where you eat....or um...serve. I "dated" a guy I worked with at Mama D's which resulted in us yelling at each other or ignoring each other for entire shifts. And as soon as I left, he started dating another girl who worked with us. They got engaged last weekend. Awkward.

But naturally in a social setting like a restaurant, where personalities are how we make our cash, flirtation happens. Today I shared a section with a guy we will simply name, "Work Flirt," from now on. It starts exactly the way any schoolyard romance flourishes....with name calling. I call him disgusting and lazy. He says he'd have to drink in order to even look at my face. By the end of the day, we're planning trips to Disneyland and Vegas. I guess I'll be keeping my flirt muscles strong at Bloggiano's, but there will be NO dating this time.
No way.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Table 8

They hate each other.

From the moment I saw the couple sitting at my booth, as far apart as possible, I knew it wasn't the table to joke around with. When I walked up to give my schpeal, she gave me the quiet, "We haven't even looked yet." Sorry.

After they sat for a few minutes without speaking, I asked her if she'd decided on a beverage since she'd been checking out the wine/alcohol (at 12:30pm on a Monday, Yikes). She ordered a peach bellini, and when he ordered an iced tea, she said...

"You know what, screw it, do you have Belvedere?"
Why yes, we do.
"I'll have it dirty."


Awkward couples who hate each other are my faves. Especially when one of them has to get blacked out just to sit at the table with the other person. 

Isn't love grand? 
Happy Monday!

Tempted to Title this Entry: Motherf*&%ing A$$holes


Yesterday was crazy busy at work. I finally felt like I was handling a full section on my own, without any problems. All of my tables raved over my service and I got awesome tips, so even though it felt as though I'd been working all damn day (9:30-5), I was ok with that if I made some good money.

But then it all went to hell.

My last table was a party of 4. A younger couple, and an older couple (his parents). Before I even got to the table, the host handed me a note that they'd like a piece of our chocolate cake for dessert with "Happy Anniversary" written on it. The younger man, dressed in a nice suit like they just went to Sunday church immediately ordered appetizers for the table and his father ordered the salads and entrées for them to share. Seemed pretty normal to me.

Everything went smoothly, even though the Mom complained our coffee was "too strong," and as soon as the food came, the younger man prompted me to get the cake. Even though I was a little caught off guard, I scrambled to get it and put some candles in for a nice touch. Of course then I realize my lighter is with another server who borrowed it earlier and now I'm running around trying to find anyone else who has one....

OMG. I am just realizing I let someone else borrow my lighter during my shift today, and never got it back. UGHHH I hate people who don't return what they borrow. Bring your own freaking lighter!!!  Sorry, I'm a little on edge today.
Anyway, I finally light the candles and everything looks perfect. I bring it over to the parents and the kids are laughing because they have NO idea what's going on. Hmm. I ask if it's their anniversary, and they just all laugh and say it's whoever's. Um, ok.
I leave to print out their check, and as I'm returning the parents are already gone and the younger couple is standing and putting on their coats. I ask who will be handling the bill, and he says, "We're waiting for the manager. There's a hair in our cake, and it's f*cking disgusting." 

Not only am I POSITIVE that it was not my hair (mine was completely pulled back), I'm sure it wasn't there when I put in the candles. Motherf*&%ing LIARS! So, of course they make a huge fuss, and the manager comps their entire bill as they walk out of the restaurant.
(I'm freaking out.)
The manager calls me over to the back of the restaurant and I profusely apologize and say I didn't see any hairs. He stops me and says, "What you just witnessed is a classic scam. I looked at the cake in the light of the kitchen, and they put a clump of hairs in the chocolate sauce. It was hers, not yours. Just remember their faces so it doesn't happen again."
What a great way to end my shift....

Oh, and to top it off...the young guy apparently handed the other manager a tip for me. It was $5. Their bill would have been $100. Thanks, Asshole.

I'm sure this will all be really funny in a couple weeks, but right now I could punch unicorns. But I won't. :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Friends in High Places

What's my #1 priority when starting at a new restaurant?

It's not making friends. It's not impressing the managers.

I introduce myself to everyone in the kitchen, and to the food runners and bussers. 

Look, I'm a girl. I see absolutely nothing wrong with flirting with being extra nice to the people who make my food, run my food, and clear my tables. They are a huge part of how I make my money. I depend on them, and they depend on me to tip them out for their help.

The first of the many bussers to fall for me was Sylvester. From the first shift, he gave me extra help, and he's also the one who refused my tip out when I made $5 that day. 

Mario quickly followed. Known by most of the staff as "64" (video games, anyone?) he's my guy when I need to make a latte or cappuccino. Sure, I've been trained to make them, but he loves when I come to him and say, "Mario you'd be my HERO if you helped me make a latte!" ::subtly bats eyelashes::
Now whenever he sees me it's, "I'm your hero today, ok?" 

And now there's my food runners. Sometimes it's Adrien, who fist-bumps me whenever he sees me because I told him he'd have to tip ME out for helping him run everyone's food the whole shift. But the star is really Juan, who's known as "Oso." (Spanish for bear) He's exactly what you're imagining: a giant Mexican man who can carry 10 plates on each arm, but is as sweet as a teddy bear. 

Oso and Sylvester have both become my buddies, and after talking to me for a little bit the inevitable question arose: "Why don't you have a boyfriend?"
UGH. I know it's their way of flirting, but boy do I hate that question. Bitter, party of 1.
For the record, this is all harmless and not sexual harassment. They're both happily married. 

***To my old co-workers from Mama D's: (Best Italian restaurant in Orange County, BTW. You should go.)
Tell Roberto I'm DEFINITELY not cheating on him. My heart still belongs to the head chef, and if he ever decides to leave his wife and kids, we're getting married. ;)

Moral of the story: I love being racially ambiguous. 
The guests think I'm Italian. The kitchen staff thinks I'm a Senorita. 
Win, win.

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Verbal Tip.

After a long shift on the patio not making much money, I was happy that the bartender offered me one more table before I left.

The couple was great. My service was spot on: I got her two different tastes of wine to try. I modified her dish EXACTLY the way she wanted it. I refilled his lemonade before he asked. I made a personal connection and told them about my life aspirations.

As I dropped the check, the couple thanked me for MAKING their experience there. They said they felt like we'd all dined together, and they've never had a better time at Bloggiano's. Naturally, I got even more excited the bartender had given me the table. And the $26 PPA (per person average) didn't hurt either.

I'M GOING TO GET A HUGE TIP. 25%? 30%???

$10 on $54.

Toto, I don't think we're in Newport Beach anymore.

I know, I know, that's a good tip. But, the Verbal Tip is NOT money in my pocket. I'm glad you like me. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I'd rather have an extra $5. Sorry.

People: If you're going to tell your server you love them and had the best experience ever, maybe you should give them a little bit extra.

Your Server (that makes minimum wage plus tips)


I hope you got that Hook reference.

So I know I've been M.I.A. Sadly, it's because I hadn't really worked. Since Bloggiano's hired a million servers in anticipation of the busy holiday season, right now there's just too many of us for the amount of business we're getting. That means I had two shifts last week. And I was scheduled three this week (thank goodness I picked up a fourth). 

Today I got to work the patio at lunch. Gotta love November weather in California. I heard from one of the veteran servers that working the patio is a sign of being one of the better newbies. Even more exciting is that I got to share it with another newbie, instead of an oldie who'd probably take more tables than me.
For the first time, I felt like a server again. There's nothing like the rush of having 5 tables at once. Let's see, I need drinks on table 401, table 403's kids want ice cream to go, and 402, 404, and 503 are all leaving at the same time!! Where the heck is my busser?? Ahh! 

I also really enjoyed the patio because everyone on staff leaves you alone. I pretty much never saw another server unless I went to the kitchen, and I didn't need to clean everyone else's tables (and not benefit from it). I was back in the zone, and loving it. I even figured out that most people get confused walking into the restaurant and seeing the patio station before the host stand...which means I enticed a number of tables to the patio before they even had a shot with another server. Muahahaha! (That's my evil laugh. It sounds cooler in person, I swear.)

Sadly, the tips still kinda blow....I can't believe people can rationalize a $5 tip on $40, when they claim everything was perfect and amazing. I know it's not just me because everyone I've talked to says the same thing.

Happy Weekend to all my restaurant folk out there! 
Make that weekend cash! 
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