Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oh Jesus...

This happens sometimes.

"The Pamphlet People"

Maybe they think because I work in a restaurant, I need to find 'The Lord' so I can be saved...

If you're gonna ask me to "Be Thankful" and abandon my Judaism, you could at least leave me more than a $3 tip. That might make the Bible more appealing.

...I'm just sayin ;)


  1. As least they left a tip. I tend to get the pamphlet people who seem to think that showing me the way to the lord will magically pay my rent. Most of them leave no tip here in IL. If they think that pissing off their server is the best way to get us all to convert, they are seriously mistaken. And I see they shared a meal! I can picture your table perfectly. No surprise there.

  2. I hate pamphlet people. They think that because I'm working on a Sunday (which, coincidentally, is the only day I ever get these) that I'm worshipping the devil. No, I just can't work weekdays because I go to school.
    If they want me to go to church on Sunday, they can slap a $100 bill in my hand so I can buy food for the week. Or they can not come out to eat on Sunday, effectively leaving me the fuck alone and letting me work in peace. Their choice.

  3. HAHA!
    You are both TOO right! Thanks for always leaving great comments! If I get to heaven and the pamphlet people are there, THAT'S when I'm spitting in their food ;)

  4. HAHAHA Can you spit in other people's food in heaven??

  5. It's my heaven. I do what I want!


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