Friday, April 1, 2011

Black Shirt

You already know how I feel about our de-womanizing (yes, that's what I'm going to call it) uniforms.

As a cocktail server, we have a slightly different uniform...the shirt is black. Exactly the same....just black.
A few of the guys told me they think it looks a little bit better for the girls, but I have my doubts. Well, that is not the point of this entry.

This entry is about the hell I went through trying to find a plain, black button down shirt. Doesn't sound like it would be that difficult, but I almost gave up!

First, I tried Target:
1st location: 2 XL men's shirts
2nd location: 1 L men's shirt
3rd location: 0 black shirts

Then, I asked one of my co-workers...She suggested H&M. I decided to call first. The first location told me they were out. The 2nd location only had v-neck button downs.

I started to worry if I would find a shirt in time for my shift the next night! I called GAP. They have it, but it's $50! Yeah, I'm not doing that.

Final Stop: Kohl's!
Don't worry. I found a million different men's black button downs with stripes, ridges, designs, weird buttons and pockets, all before I found a PLAIN BLACK SHIRT!
They had 1 small....which is 15in, 32/33 aka still huge on me as a 5'3 girl, but I took it anyway. Hey, it says slim fit, right??

Moral of the story: 
I still look like a linebacker, but now I'm wearing black instead of white.


  1. does it have to be a man's shirt?!
    I have a couple cute, plain, button-downs from Forever 21. Less than fifteen bucks!

  2. I don't know if you shop at thrift stores or Goodwill, but they usually have a pretty awesome assortment of gently used clothing that people used for work uniforms. And yes it is cheap.

    And definitely Forever 21 - perfect size for you.

  3. Sigh. Restaurants and their sexless uniform or dress codes. I'm not a chic that likes to wear sizes to small or show off cleavage/buttcracks or anything...but why to employers demand that their staff wear potato sack outfits. What I REALLY don't get is when creepy guys still hit on ya when you're wearing them.

  4. Thanks for the great suggestions, everyone! I didn't even think to check Forever or Goodwill! And hooray for sexless uniforms! HA!

  5. express, although they are like $30 each. but they definitely have small (me) sizes

  6. That's exactly the crap I have to deal with every time I need a new work short. Ridiculously hard to find a plain black shirt. Which is strange because it's a uniform for so many places!

  7. black shrt is my favrat color I love your article about Clothing & Laundry. It makes me think to buy some new clothes.



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