Wednesday, March 19, 2014

There's always something to bitch about...

...or Blog about!

Follow my latest antics: Throw Me A Bone!

It seems my latest dissatisfied customers are my own dogs.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Two Worlds Collide!

Hey Servers!

Would you date someone who wasn't a good tipper?

Check out this post on my new blog, Every Single Day, to read how my thoughts on this potential Dealbreaker:

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Follow My NEW BLOG!

Hey there, Gratuity Not Included Readers!

Though I am no longer slinging pasta and getting bad tips, I am still going on bad dates.

So join me on my new blog, Every Single Day
Musings, Mistakes, and & Other Awkward Dating Moments!

Happy Work Weekend, Servers!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Don't Call It a Comeback!

Hey Everyone!

Even though I am no longer in the service industry, I use my knowledge of the restaurant world to educate others. Sometimes I meet people who are confused or simply "don't get" the idea of tipping well...or even at all!

Although this shocks me to the core, I feel a NEED to tell them what's up.

This was recently sent to me, and I think it's awesome.

Please enjoy and share.

I'm still waging the war of 20% in 2012!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Timing is Everything

Tomorrow I leave for three weeks of vacation! This week every shift felt like it dragged on...GET ME OUT OF HERE!

And a miracle, I received a job offer for my first "Big Girl Job!"

It was a very bizarre feeling to walk into Bloggiano's last night, and submit my resignation.

Dear Managers,
I know I'm leaving for vacation in two days, but....uh...I'm not coming back.
Thanks for everything!

Probably the saddest only sad part about quitting my restaurant life (hopefully for good) is that it must mean the end of Gratuity Not Included. Booooo! After enjoying writing this blog for 7 months, I'm very sad to give it up!

 This is not the end of my writing career. Shit. 
What the hell am I going to write about now?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

If you're not sure what that is...

...maybe you should just ask.

I don't get it. If you have a food aversion or allergy, shouldn't YOU be the one to double check the description of the menu item you're thinking of ordering?

The biggest culprit comes from our house salads, which have "prosciutto" listed as one of the ingredients. If you don't eat meat, or pork, and you aren't sure what "prosciutto" is....just ASK me. 
I promise I won't make fun of you.
In fact, I'm more likely to talk shit about you in the kitchen after I bring out the salad and you give me the "ew" face, telling me you thought maybe "prosciutto" was a kind of cheese.

Let me be clear. I don't eat pork. So I understand having to remove items. And that's why I totally understand a guest who asks me if our meat sauce, meatballs, or sausage are made with pork products...because I do it, too.

Another one of my favorite "we didn't know" is our dish called Chicken Saltimbocca. In the description, it says there is a layer of "prosciutto" on top of the chicken along with provolone. I can't tell you how many I've had to send back when the table cuts into the chicken and sees a bacon-like strip under the cheese.

"Well we didn't really read the description in the menu..."

No shit.

This little piggy is Italian.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Did I mention I got my Degree in Acting?

On the weekends, the managers make a big to-do of our shift meeting....remember The Nod?
On this particular night, one of the managers singled me out for a "WOW" comment written by one of my guests...
They said I was very enthusiastic and they could tell I REALLY loved my job.


My manager looks at me. "Lindsay, tell the group how you convey your enthusiasm to your guests to show them you love what you do."

Yes. I love my job so much. That's why I've been applying for other jobs the entire six months I've worked there. It's why I have to take deep breaths every time I leave a table because I'm afraid I might snap every single shift. Seriously? I'm an actress!

"Well, I really just love food and I'm enthusiastic when I talk about the menu with my guests. And I find that if I'm smiling and bubbly, they feed off my energy and find it hard to be mad at me!"

Our GM jumps in..."Haven't you guys noticed whenever you're talking to Lindsay you can't help but smile? That's why we hired her!"

I glanced over at Minnesota and she's dying of laughter. She knows I'm counting the hours until I leave for my  three week vacation to Maui and Australia...that I'm SO over work right now and wishing I didn't have to come back!

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