Monday, March 21, 2011

That makes no sense.

Sometimes it just does not exist at Bloggiano's.

I was scheduled for a 6pm shift in the back room.
At 2:30pm, my GM calls to ask me if I can come in early...
It turns out, there's a party of 21 that has requested to sit in the back room, and they are coming in at 5:30pm. There's only one girl coming in at 3:30pm to serve in the back room, and they don't want her to serve the party alone...
Soooooo she asks me to come in at 5pm.

Now, here's where it gets tricky:
The purpose of a 6pm shift is to avoid having to take a break. You're on at 6pm, boom boom boom, and then out before 11pm.
But, I came in at FIVE and there's no way I'll be out by 10pm. So at 9:30pm, in the middle of a crazy busy shift, a manager comes to me and says I have to go on break. Wait, what? 
"Well, you have to work for an hour AFTER your break, so this way you can be out by 11pm still."
But I have 3 tables right now.
"It's ok. Your partner can take them."
But she has a party of 12 and another table.
"It's ok."

So you're telling me I rushed my ass over here an hour early because my partner absolutely could NOT take a party of 21 by herself, yet at 9:30 in the middle of a freaking crazy night, you're going to pull me out in the middle of serving, so I can sit by myself in the mall eating free soup and bread while my partner takes her 12-top, a 2-top, my 8-top, my 3-top, AND my 2-top BY HERSELF?!?!?

That makes no sense.

Eff you, labor laws!
Don't mind me. I'm busy eating soup while everyone else scrambles around the restaurant.


  1. i love having no oversight. skipping lunches hooray!

  2. Is that a law in your state specifically? I'm in NJ and I've worked twelve hour shifts with nothing more than a few smoke breaks.

  3. I believe it's a California labor law...but only certain places enforce it. In my non-corporate restaurant experience, we didn't take a break.

  4. Wait? What? A break? I wouldn't know what one of those was if it came and tapped me on the shoulder some days! I actually quite love not taking breaks though. My bills don't take a break, so why should I?

  5. My restaurant doesn't give two shits about labor laws. In over two years I've yet to be even offered a break regardless of how long I've worked. It might seem annoying to you, but I'd LOVE to get a break no matter when they offered it.


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