Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Can you feel the love tonight?


Just like every other holiday I've worked, (and I've worked them ALL) Valentine's Day is a day people have to spend money when they don't want to spend money. So what do they skip out on?? You guessed it!

"Oh hey, folks! Have you heard about our special Valentine menu for two? It's $79 for an appetizer, 2 side salads, two entrees and dessert with two glasses of wine!" 

Cut to when I see what they've left me after they thank me SO much for the wonderful service, and multiple cocktails: 10% tip. Am I still in America?!?

WHAT THE EFF?!? I canNOT feel the love tonight, people! Not only should you feel bad for me that I'm working a holiday, but you should tip me extra for making your special freaking night special as can be!!!

My worst tips for the night (and possibly EVER):

$10 on $93
$15 on $106
$3.13 on $42

By the end of the night, I started to want to tell the men at my table: "Tell your lady to get the chipper chicken if you can't afford to tip me an appropriate amount!" 
(I hope you get my Father of the Bride reference)
My last table had the Vday special, plus 3 beers for the guy. The bill came to $108. I took the payment: $100 in giftcard, and $16 in cash. Hmmm, maybe he doesn't realize he's only tipping me $8...
So I hand him the change and the receipt from the giftcard. "You didn't have to bring this back," he says. And leaves it as is. You're really going to not tip me 20% when you didn't even really pay the bill out of your own pocket?!?

Ladies who dined at Bloggiano's for Valentine's Day: You are all dating cheapskates. 


  1. That sucks! I did however catch the Father of the Bride reference. Very nicely done working that in there.

  2. Let me preface this by saying when I tip I start at 20% and 99% of the time it goes up [former server here!]

    And that first tip and the third one SUCK air. But 15 bucks on $106 - is darn near close to 15% - so I wouldn't have called that too sucky a tip considering the other cheapskates.

    Hope you had some great tables tho'. And you get to rest today.

  3. hi! long-time fan, finally got around to starting my own blog. hope it turns out as entertaining as yours :)
    check it out if you have a chance!


  4. Thanks Restaurant Manager! Glad someone still LOVES that movie like I do!

    Hey Skippy Mom! I agree with you it's not a BAD tip...however, I think 15% should be standard for a business meeting lunch, not a romantic 3 course dinner for two experience. It's a holiday!

    And theblonde, thanks for being a fan! I will absolutely check out your blog! Good luck!

  5. Yeah, I actually worked a double lunch close on Valentine's day at my Bloggiano's. I was ready to kill someone by the end of the night. Twelve hours of two tops without a break makes me a wee bit cranky, to say the least. Turn and burn, turn and burn, all goddamn day. And many ten percent tips. But I went in expecting it, and was therefore not angry every time I got a bad tip. Out of 45 tables, there were about 10 tables that gave 10 percent. cheap bastards

  6. I'd love to build a trap door outside the front door to your restaurant, where as soon as you tell me someone tipped less than 15%, i'd pull the handle and they'd fall into a pit of angry cats


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