Monday, February 7, 2011

Corporate Cake

Oh, corporate restaurants.

If you're home this evening thinking, "Hmmm I'd LOVE some cake, but I'd prefer to not pay for it..." here's how to make that happen:

  • Go to a corporate restaurant. Oh I don't know, maybe Bloggiano's?? 
  • Bring your own teabag and ask for hot water. (It's free.)
  • Order the chocolate cake.
  • Eat half of the cake.
  • Tell your server you don't like your cake, even though you've eaten half. 
  • Get a manager involved.
Free Corporate Cake!
I hope you all sense my sarcasm.


  1. I fucking hate those cheapasses. You know they can probably afford it, but just choose to skate by on someone else's dime.

    Fucking scumbags.

  2. Why go to all of that trouble when it is far easier to say it is your birthday and get the cake for free. You will usually even get a serenaded

  3. I guess I should have specified that 1) I'm being sarcastic. 2) This example was a single diner.


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