Monday, February 28, 2011

He likes me! He really likes me!

There's one manager everyone seems to love....but he seems to hate ME!
I know you're shocked. How could anyone hate her?? ;)

Well, I don't know what I did to make this happen, but one manager is always on my back. He checks my tables constantly, he gives me the "are you okay??" on most shifts, and just won't joke around with me like he does with the other servers. I don't get it!
One time, I waited for him while he did a cocktail server's checkout and when he finished I politely asked if he could discount my employee meal for me when he had a chance.

Blank stare.

"I'm going to go lock the door because we're closed. Don't you think THAT is more important, Lindsay?"

Oh. yeah. Of course. Whenever you have time.

To make matters worse, I had a night where he as following me around like I suck, and then I made a mistake. Shit. I blame him. I forgot to bring a cup of soup and the entrĂ©es came out. The dad who ordered it told me he completely forgot about it, so he didn't need it. I need to void it. Of course, this manager is the only one in sight. So I made another mistake. I told him a little white lie that the guest didn't like it. It's just a $2.50 cup of soup. It'll be fine. Well... he caught my white lie. I saw him approach the table and my heart dropped. He's asking the guest. Shit shit shit. I thought I'd get fired for sure when he came over to ask me about it. Said he looked stupid for asking the guest what he didn't like about the soup only to find out he never got it. He's right. I was mortified. Now, he hates me....and thinks I'm a liar.

Weeks later, I've finally broken though his shell. After discovering that I will laugh at just about ANYTHING, he's on Team Lindsay. He points at me at any awkward moment during the shift, and boom...laughter.
Last night was big:
"You're fun. I like you."

YUP. You heard that right! After that, we threw a paper airplane around the back room when it was slowing down. I'm so in. If I knew I could make inappropriate jokes around him and laugh at nothing to win him over, I'd have done that right away. That's the last time I'm quiet and shy at this place.


  1. I am so happy you figured out his weird personality and he likes you now - it is hard to work with a suspicious manager like that. It is unnerving.

    Tho' "and thinks I'm a liar" should read "and he knows I am a liar" - that wasn't even close to a fib/white lie or whatever you want to call it. I have seen people fired for less.

    I know I sound like I am giving you a hard time - I am not - I just don't want you to lose your job by not owning up to a simple mistake. It was honest, you didn't mean to do it and the guest was cool. No reason to lie.

    Maybe it is just me - but I would rather lose my job over an honest mistake then telling a lie to cover my behind.

    And he does sound like a fair and fun manager.

  2. That's why I said "He's right." ...I admitted the mistake. Anyway, I could get fired for plenty of lesser writing this blog. So there's that. If it were my career, maybe I'd care a little more, but as long as I didn't lie about something that greatly affects anyone or anything, I will still consider it a white lie.


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