Saturday, February 12, 2011

Did I say that out loud?

Sometimes, I lose my filter.
I forget to be polite.
I snap from all the cheap people in this world.

This particularly cheap couple opted for the "waters only, and we'll split a buy one, take one pasta" route.


Oh. Did I mention that they had a $10 off when you spend $30 coupon? So I tell them they haven't spent $30...the pasta deal is $12.95. They order a Rigatoni D, and a Diet Coke.

Their bill?

...which became $22

When I brought out their take-home lasagna he says, "This looks like half a lasagna."

Word Vomit....
"Well, sir. It's a FREE lasagna."
::Big Smile::

Obviously, he tipped me off the $22, and not the originally $32 total:



  1. I hate, hate, hate people that 1. b*tch about free food and 2. tip on the discounted rate.

    We STILL served you 32 dollars worth of food. The tip is based on THAT. grrrrrrr

    Even my 13 year old knows this. jeesh

  2. I was in the same boat as you this past Saturday. I got to work at 4p, and my tables started off well, but when the sun went down, it was so much rudeness and noise and chaos! I went from walking around with a smile, all happy to be of service, to wanting to almost cry everytime I saw people walk through the door! Lol...I'm glad you survived though. :)


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