Thursday, March 3, 2011

Aren't we all on the same team?

As a server, I tend to be extra considerate when I go out to eat. I think everyone who reads this and is also in the restaurant industry can say the same thing.

But here's what I don't understand. We have those lovely little Team Member Rewards cards. They get us a 50% discount at any of their brand locations. That's great.

But why is it we don't just tell the server right off the bat that we are a Team Member? Why do we wait until the very end, and whip it out like some kind of sick surprise? Ha HA! I'm a Team Member! GOT YOU!

Shouldn't we just help each other not stress about yet ANOTHER table, and feel comfortable with one of our own? 

I'm guilty of it as well. I've used mine twice, and didn't tell the server either time. One time with my friends, I really wanted to because the server was giving us the whole schpeal when I already knew everything. But I didn't. And I'm sure she felt like shit when I brought it out, and she remembered how she'd forgotten to bring us bread in the beginning.

I'm starting a movement. Let's do this the easy way, people!


  1. My company has a sister restaurant that is a different concept about 6 blocks from our store. I don't tend to announce it in advance when I go there to eat. It reminds me of the table that answers your inquiry about how there day is at the greet by saying, "We have a coupon." It also has been known to cause the server to ask 20 questions about my coworkers and whether or not they are hiring at my location.

  2. It does seem a shame that you have to pull it out at the end. The bright side is at least your server knows they are getting a 20% plus tip on the full amount of the bill and not the discounted price. [that is one of my biggest peeves when people tip on the coupon price....grrrr]

    Are you allowed to mention [at the beginning] where you work as in "Oh, I work down that street at X location" or is that the same thing as handing out the card early?

    But I do agree. Let's make it easy.

  3. I just went out to eat, and we only tipped on the food and not the alcohol.

    just kidding.


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