Sunday, March 20, 2011


Our managers wear headsets.
It's silly.

Yeah, sure, they can communicate with each other and the kitchen and the host stand...but boy does it make them look schizo sometimes.

"So tonight's contest is who can sell the most bottles of....
YES, that's right. I already told them it's a party of 10 at 7:30. Set it for table 43.
...what was I saying?"

Imagine if the servers had them:

"Hey there, folks! Can I start you out with an apertif, a calamari, or...
Ok, Homer. I'll greet table 12 right after this! I'm telling them about the specials. Can you get me a coke? This guy definitely won't order a cocktail....
..Anyway, would you like to hear about tonight's specials?"


  1. We have those headsets. I very rarely where one. I'm not a big fan of them.

  2. I told one of my fave managers that I have an invisible one, so he better stop talking shit. It's now our ongoing little joke...

  3. It always cracks me up to see someone from the other side [when you can't see the headset] talking - half the world looks psycho.

    I love the conversations you wrote if the waitress was wearing one - spot on! And too funny.

  4. Absolutely hilarious, I just couldn't fathom doing my job with a voice in my ear, we just fired a super bossy person who was essentially the same thing at work.

    Customers sometimes don't want to know what we're thinking about them. If only they knew.

    Love your blog! Just subscribed, stop by and see me sometime!

  5. Thanks! I'll definitely check it out!


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