Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Really? ....REALLY??

It's Emma's 98th birthday.

It's a milestone. It's special. And I, your server, would LOVE to make it special for you and your 8 family members.

I will go out of my way to hand deliver Emma's meal. I will keep your glasses full. I will smile and keep your table perfectly maintained. And when I bring out the tiramisu (Emma's favorite) with a big candle and personalized plate....I will get the attention of the ENTIRE restaurant, and have them sing Happy Birthday to Emma, on her 98th birthday! Yes, the entire restaurant. And we don't sing at Bloggiano's.

But I'll admit it hurts when you give me one of the biggest verbal tips of my serving career, only to slash the suggested 18% gratuity marked on your bill...and cut me down to about 12%.

That one caught me by surprise. 
I never thought I'd actually see something like this..

Suggested 18% Gratuity

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  1. I am assuming her kids paid the bill - meaning they were in their 70s - and well....there you go.

    I am so sorry - verbal tips don't pay the rent.

    Our grandmother is 99 and my inlaws are in their 70s and I have seen them try to do this when we take her out - and my husband and I always graciously accept their offer to pay the bill but INSIST on tipping. I have tried in vain to drop hints that they are shitty tippers - telling stories about tip out, taxes, bad tippers - all in a light hearted manner - and I have had YEARS to do this - but they just don't get it.

    We always tip when we are with them. Always. [Funny story - my Mom used to go out with my MIL and grandma all the time - and my Mom always paid because she wanted to leave the tip, because she KNEW. She had two daughters that were servers.]


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