Monday, March 14, 2011

I'd still chase them down.

Well, I got another slap on the wrist at work....this time by a different manager. 

I had the misfortune pleasure of serving two families dining together with their 5 kids, which is usually fine...unless they want to split the kids off on their own table.
"Sure! It's no trouble at all!"

Actually, the turned out pretty cool. The dads were getting shwastey faced, and the kids ordered filet mignon. I'm okay with that. I think I wrangled the kids pretty well, while also pleasing their parents and giving them the "dining without the kids" experience they were looking for. At the end, their bill was a little over $200. Because there were more than 8 guests, I added the suggested gratuity on the check. But I was so busy that when the two dads split the bill, I forgot to mention that the gratuity doesn't get included when you split the payment. 

As soon as they got up, I grabbed the checks to see what they left. It was all scratched out and they left $0 for a tip. SHIT, they thought it was included! I caught them at the front door, though and told them I hadn't included it. They were so thankful I stopped them....said I was great, and they didn't mean to stiff me like that. 

With a sigh of relief, I started walking back into the dining room with their added $44 tip, and my manager stopped me:

"That's a big no-no. If you don't fix problems in the dining room, it's over."

I totally understand where he's coming from, but ya know what...

I'd still chase them down. That was $44!!!


  1. I like your idea better! Much, much better! I'd definitely chase down a table I had a good rapport with and explain the situation as well. They didn't know, and it was your duty to inform them. I'll pat you on the back, since your manager didn't. Congrats on the $44.

  2. If they hadn't paid the restaurant for their portion, you can guarantee they would chased out.

  3. Totally agreed! That's a nice little tip, good for you.
    Also, I'm so glad someone else uses the term 'schwastey face.'

  4. Thanks for the congrats everyone! I was pretty pleased! David, that's VERY true. And theblonde, I'm a big fan of being shwasted and getting shwastey faced! :)


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