Wednesday, January 26, 2011

10 minutes to close

Just to let you know...

If you're that group coming in 10 minutes before a restaurant closes, EVERYONE hates you.

No, but seriously. When it's completely empty and you come in, the kitchen has to wait for you to order, the staff has to wait for you to eat in order to clean and go home, and the bussers can't get tipped out until you pay and the servers can do their checkouts.

I don't care if you'll be "really quick" or "know exactly what you're ordering."

Everyone STILL hates you.


  1. "we know exactly what we want already" haha,as if that somehow means they won't take forever to finish (they always do)

    it astounds me that assholes from coast to coast pull this crap.

  2. I don't know how they don't feel uncomfortable...I would.

  3. I work at a chain that's open until 2am on the weekends. Imagine how I feel when a party of 8 comes in at 1:55.

  4. That's brutal. I once worked in a restaurant where we closed whenever we stopped getting guests. Worked great on the slow nights when we locked the door at 8:30, HORRIBLE when we were busy...


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