Monday, January 24, 2011

Mmmm, Baby Cow

Some of you may be against this, but dammit I do love veal.

Right now we have a braised veal as one of our specials, and every time I'm at a table, I suggest it.
I really try to be as detailed as possible to show my guests I've actually tasted it, but I'm 99% sure


of my guests believe I eat it.

I may be a 5'3 little girl, but believe me, I love me some baby cow.

...And I'm not afraid to admit it!

(For you, Kyle)


  1. Hello there!! You just got an award, come check it out at my blog:

  2. I'd love to hear a pitch saying
    "oh yeah, the veal? let's put it this way: My friend who is an absolute carnivore and would totally use bacon fat as body soap if they made it, thinks the veal is amazing"
    "yeah, its that good"

  3. I'm definitely going to use that!

  4. I also think you deserve a LOL award. Your turn to pass the torch; instructions on my blog.

    Also, I've never had veal but am not opposed to trying it. I'm a 5'2" ruthless carnivore like you. :)

  5. Veal in a light tomato sauce with anchovy paste and capers. Mmmmmmm!


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