Friday, January 7, 2011

Did you buy your tickets?

One of the comments I get the most as a server at Bloggiano's is about our plates. Most of the serving plates are very heavy, seeing as our portions are very large, especially for Family Style. We're also big on table maintenance, so there's a LOT of plate clearing for each table.

At least a few times a day I get hesitant guests asking,

"Are you SURE you can carry that?"
"Wow...I can't believe you guys carry all of that!"
"You must have to work out a lot to have this job!"

People, if I am holding too many plates....I won't reach for more. I know my own strength, but thanks for checking on me. I may be small, but I'm a lot stronger than I look!

Here is my cheesy stock answer to the guests:
"You have no idea! (fake laugh) I don't even need a gym membership while working here! This is my work out! (fake laugh)"

1 comment:

  1. when I worked as a busser, I used to get the occasional person who would ask "HOW MANY PLATES CAN YOU HOLD??" fuck, I dont know? november? Eight O'Clock? it depends on how much animosity is piled on?


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