Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Typically I hate closing lunch shifts for one reason: 4:50pm.


Well, the dinner servers come in at 3:30pm, but they don't start taking tables until 5:00pm. They take a break from 4:30-5:00pm. But EVERY day, we get a rush of early birds at 4:50pm. And the two lunch closers are stuck running around with no bussers, trying to start every single table....which we then transfer at 5:00pm when the dinner shift can come onto the floor. 

It's a nightmare. 
Sometimes there's even the extra fun of being out of bread because someone's on a break, which is exciting. 

However, the last two days have been conveniently slow from 4:30-5:00pm. Yesterday there wasn't a single table in the restaurant. I went around the dimly lit room and lit each of the table candles with a long, single candle. It looked so creepy. 

Then I went into the backroom to tell the dinner servers that, "If [they] ever wanted to do a cartwheel through the middle of the dining room without any guests seeing, this was the time!"

We decided to do a conga line. It was my manager's idea :)

I love being home by 5:30pm!


  1. Can't be a good conga line and getting home early!!

  2. they let you transfer the tables? They refuse to let us do that! but quite honestly, it's usually an extra 75 bucks for me. I love closing lunch at my location. Just keep the tables if there's enough of them. You're usually done by 6 anyway.

  3. Ya we can keep them if we want to. For me, it just depends on how my day has gone, and we HAVE to be off by 6 for labor reasons, so if they sit at 5...I'm in trouble.


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