Monday, November 15, 2010

Anything else I can bring you? No, SERIOUSLY. Tell me now.

It was my partner's turn in the rotation to take tables, but when he offered me an extra out of turn, I gladly accepted. I need the money.

He must have known. They were one of THOSE tables.

Right as I walked up, they bombarded me with a million questions before I could even ask if they'd like some bread. Miss Bossy (clearly in charge of the group's plans) asks me about the specials and then says she hates everything I just said. Ok. She also doesn't like any breaded chicken dishes and doesn't understand that scallopine is just a pounded chicken breast. We go with the chicken marsala for her, with the marsala sauce on the side (EW) and VERY light sauce on her angel hair with aglio olio. She also orders a chopped salad for the table, insists on easy dressing (but extra dressing on the side) and nix's the proscuitto without asking anyone if they'd want it on the side. I put some on the side, anyway. She also doesn't understand why you can't substitute chicken for the proscuitto without an extra charge. Ten minutes later, I leave to get their drinks. Thankfully, my partner has maintained my other tables who've practically gotten through their whole meal in the time I've been gone.

With all the little "on the sides" and the extra minced garlic, butter, red chili flakes, and a whole bottle of olive oil, the table was almost too packed for the actual food. 

Look, I know there are annoying bitches picky people out there, but this got ridiculous. Every time I went back to the table I asked if there was anything else I could bring them. One person wants a coffee. I come back. One person wants a tea. Anyone ELSE need something??? Can I switch my coffee to iced coffee? I come back. Can I get whole milk instead of half & half? Seriously! Tell me everything you want....all in one go! I swear it will be much faster. UGH. Now I hate my partner for giving me this table.

I've officially decided I could never be friends with someone who asks for the caramel sauce on the side for our apple crostada. It's a deal-breaker.

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  1. What if someone has braces and needs the caramel on the side? ;-)


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