Monday, November 8, 2010

Tempted to Title this Entry: Motherf*&%ing A$$holes


Yesterday was crazy busy at work. I finally felt like I was handling a full section on my own, without any problems. All of my tables raved over my service and I got awesome tips, so even though it felt as though I'd been working all damn day (9:30-5), I was ok with that if I made some good money.

But then it all went to hell.

My last table was a party of 4. A younger couple, and an older couple (his parents). Before I even got to the table, the host handed me a note that they'd like a piece of our chocolate cake for dessert with "Happy Anniversary" written on it. The younger man, dressed in a nice suit like they just went to Sunday church immediately ordered appetizers for the table and his father ordered the salads and entrĂ©es for them to share. Seemed pretty normal to me.

Everything went smoothly, even though the Mom complained our coffee was "too strong," and as soon as the food came, the younger man prompted me to get the cake. Even though I was a little caught off guard, I scrambled to get it and put some candles in for a nice touch. Of course then I realize my lighter is with another server who borrowed it earlier and now I'm running around trying to find anyone else who has one....

OMG. I am just realizing I let someone else borrow my lighter during my shift today, and never got it back. UGHHH I hate people who don't return what they borrow. Bring your own freaking lighter!!!  Sorry, I'm a little on edge today.
Anyway, I finally light the candles and everything looks perfect. I bring it over to the parents and the kids are laughing because they have NO idea what's going on. Hmm. I ask if it's their anniversary, and they just all laugh and say it's whoever's. Um, ok.
I leave to print out their check, and as I'm returning the parents are already gone and the younger couple is standing and putting on their coats. I ask who will be handling the bill, and he says, "We're waiting for the manager. There's a hair in our cake, and it's f*cking disgusting." 

Not only am I POSITIVE that it was not my hair (mine was completely pulled back), I'm sure it wasn't there when I put in the candles. Motherf*&%ing LIARS! So, of course they make a huge fuss, and the manager comps their entire bill as they walk out of the restaurant.
(I'm freaking out.)
The manager calls me over to the back of the restaurant and I profusely apologize and say I didn't see any hairs. He stops me and says, "What you just witnessed is a classic scam. I looked at the cake in the light of the kitchen, and they put a clump of hairs in the chocolate sauce. It was hers, not yours. Just remember their faces so it doesn't happen again."
What a great way to end my shift....

Oh, and to top it off...the young guy apparently handed the other manager a tip for me. It was $5. Their bill would have been $100. Thanks, Asshole.

I'm sure this will all be really funny in a couple weeks, but right now I could punch unicorns. But I won't. :)


  1. post up some names next time, if you can.

  2. What dicks. I wish your manager had told them off. Customers like that are not worth having. They cost the restaurant money, cost you your time and tip money, and are generally a pain in the ass. I don't know why corporate policy mandates that these customers be given their way, when they're just a drain on their resources.

    Sorry about your shitty table, and I hope those fuckers get a massive chunk taken out of their asses by that lovely thing called karma.



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