Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Work Flirt"

So I've been inspired by the FX show, "The League" to get a new term going: The Work Flirt.
On an episode I was watching, one of the characters (who is a lawyer) tells his friends he uses his "work flirt" to get ahead in the courtroom (she's a judge) while also keeping his ability to flirt in tact, as he is married. Here's a little video clip:
The League's "Work Flirt"

I think it's common knowledge that co-workers in the restaurant world hook up. One of my managers just had his baby shower AT Bloggiano's....Thing is, he's having a baby with a girl who previously worked at the restaurant. Surprise! It's a Girl!!!

I, myself, have learned the hard way that you should NEVER sh*t where you eat....or um...serve. I "dated" a guy I worked with at Mama D's which resulted in us yelling at each other or ignoring each other for entire shifts. And as soon as I left, he started dating another girl who worked with us. They got engaged last weekend. Awkward.

But naturally in a social setting like a restaurant, where personalities are how we make our cash, flirtation happens. Today I shared a section with a guy we will simply name, "Work Flirt," from now on. It starts exactly the way any schoolyard romance flourishes....with name calling. I call him disgusting and lazy. He says he'd have to drink in order to even look at my face. By the end of the day, we're planning trips to Disneyland and Vegas. I guess I'll be keeping my flirt muscles strong at Bloggiano's, but there will be NO dating this time.
No way.

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