Saturday, November 20, 2010

Noooo I left my cake behind!

My first table was a six-top. It's Lisa's birthday. Her mom is clearly in charge of the celebration.

Right away I knew they were big spenders, since Lisa's mom took it upon herself to tell the whole table about the Today & Tomorrow pasta deal: Buy one of our classic pastas today, and you get to take home another of your choice for free. Did I mention the deal is only $12.95? Argh. 

Six Today & Tomorrow's later with a lot of patience and smiling on my part, Lisa's mom and her guests were LOVING me. I even took special care to separate everyone's boxes by couple without them asking and took extra care of her elderly parents. At the end I was told they had a cake in the back. Oh, what? You mean the big spenders aren't going to BUY dessert?? What a surprise. 

Anyway, I brought it out, and they were thrilled. Lisa's mom even told me she'd save a slice of the chocolate cake for me if I wanted it! Finally someone gets it, @FuckMyTable! (You guys should really check out her blog. It's hilarious.)

As Lisa's mom left, I accidentally walked past as she told the hostess to tell the manager that "Lindsay is a wonderful server and we loved her." Score. I even saw the hostess go over to tell the manager later...

Only two problems with this story:

1) I just realized I left my cake in the mini fridge in the server alley. No way will it still be there tomorrow. Servers are like vultures when it comes to unattended cake.
2) The manager never came to tell me they said that about me. Way to support your staff's awesomeness, Bloggiano's.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, and congrats on scoring some cake and a compliment. Sorry you forgot about it're right, it won't be there tomorrow. :(

    Yeah, only one manager at my store will ever tell you if you got a compliment. He's the awesome one. I am convinced that the other three suck dick after tonight. I'm quitting Chili's. It might not be immediate, but it's happening. Fuck Brinker.

  2. You know, it's weird. I've worked for both chili's and Maggiano's. Both are brinker, but Maggiano's was not originally a brinker company. Chili's fired me over a $4 credit card mistake after 4 years of service. So, fuckmytable, you are right to quit.

    My managers are, on the whole, pretty awesome. We're so busy that they generally forgive mistakes fairly easily. And my gm always tells me when a guest compliments me. He may be a corporate tool, but he knows how to treat his employees. It sucks that your manager isn't the same way Lindsay.

  3. You know, I was a manager at my last restaurant. I definitely understand how hard it can be, but I'm all about positive reinforcement!

    And no, my cake was NOT there when I returned. Darn.


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