Monday, November 8, 2010

Table 8

They hate each other.

From the moment I saw the couple sitting at my booth, as far apart as possible, I knew it wasn't the table to joke around with. When I walked up to give my schpeal, she gave me the quiet, "We haven't even looked yet." Sorry.

After they sat for a few minutes without speaking, I asked her if she'd decided on a beverage since she'd been checking out the wine/alcohol (at 12:30pm on a Monday, Yikes). She ordered a peach bellini, and when he ordered an iced tea, she said...

"You know what, screw it, do you have Belvedere?"
Why yes, we do.
"I'll have it dirty."


Awkward couples who hate each other are my faves. Especially when one of them has to get blacked out just to sit at the table with the other person. 

Isn't love grand? 
Happy Monday!

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