Thursday, November 25, 2010

Rose has big news....and candy.

Let me start out by saying that I have yet to actually "serve" Rose's table, as I'm never in the section where "her table" is. But on this day, her server begged me to go over and talk to her while I tried to also get her to actually make a decision and order food.

As soon as I walked up:

"So did you hear the big news?"
No, Rose...what is it?
"I'm going to be a great grandmother."
Wow, Rose that's very exciting! Congratulations!
"So, I figured...I gotta go to Bloggiano's, even though I was here yesterday."

I mean, it's kinda sad that this is only place she can go to share her news, but at least she has a group she considers "family and friends" here. Although, my family and friends don't tip me in all coins!

Once I finally got her to try something new (mushroom ravioli in alfredo sauce) she decided to go to the candy store upstairs and buy us some candy.

What a strange little old lady.


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