Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Brunch

No, this isn't an entry about Bloggiano's starting a brunch menu. In fact, I already feel grossed out by the people coming in at 11 on the dot to eat fettuccine alfredo. You know, just a light lunch at 11am. Barf.

It's about the only good part about picking up a Sunday lunch shift: Sunday Brunch!

On Sundays, our chefs make a family meal for everyone in the kitchen and serving staff. Instead of having to pay $5 for a bagel at Corner Bakery next door, today we had chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, and the most amazing homefries I've ever eaten! (I'm pretty sure they were fried in bacon grease.) I especially like being the 9:30am shift because we have to take a break from 10:30-11 and it times perfectly with when the food is ready! ;)

Today I was laughing so hard I cried because, as per usual, my busser Mario "my hero" took an obscene amount of food. We're talking 3 pancakes, a full plate of eggs and potatoes, and if that wasn't enough....a full loaf of our sourdough bread. I'm not exaggerating. 
One of the guys on my shift and I started imagining where all that food could possibly go, since Mario is a tiny little Mexican man....We envisioned him stocking up on the meal so later he could feed his 8 children, mama bird to baby bird-style. Even Mario was cracking up and translating the story to the other kitchen staff members.

I think Mario really only has 4 kids.

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  1. he may only have 4 kids, but he also houses his entire extended family


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