Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kid, you poke me one more time...

Don't get me wrong. I love kids.
And actually, I think I'm part of a small percentage of servers who enjoy a cute little child sitting at one of my tables.
Emphasis on the ONE table.

Today it seemed like every direction I looked in my section, there was a set of parents and their two small kids.
What does this mean for me??

Double the amount of work: When there are kids at the table, I always make sure the kids' food comes out first. Hungry kids mean grumpy parents. This is extra work because I have to go back later and add the parents' food separately. Also, I despise the kids cups. I guess they're not so bad, but we keep them on the top shelf, which isn't exactly easy reaching for those of us who are height-challenged.

Annoying Parents: Honestly, it's sometimes hard to decide who's more high maintenance....the kids, or their parents who want you to basically babysit their children for them while they tune out their screaming and down a martini.

Low Per Person Average: Kids meals at Bloggiano's are about $5 and include a free drink and dessert. Awesome.

Super Speed: If you're a parent, you know you have a limited time frame before your kid starts acting out. So I have to be speedy quick and drop the check before the meal is even over.

Specifically today, I had Sophia's 5th birthday, which included 5 of her cousins around the same age and two sets of parents. These kids were crazyyyy! They were under the table, laying across the aisles, throwing food, making a huge mess, and distracting nearby tables. The parents couldn't have cared less. A number of managers came to me asking for better table maintenance. I TRIED to clear things, but it just never got better!  I almost lost it when I was trying to take a neighboring table's order while feeling a sharp poke in the back every two seconds from Sophia.

Little Girl I don't care if it's your birthday, sit down in your chair, eat your pasta and STOP poking me!!!

Ahhh....I feel better now.


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